Labelexpo India 2018 show feedback


Bent Serritslev, MD for Asia Pacific, Xeikon: “Xeikon exhibits at all the Labelexpo shows. And of course we do this, not because we really expect to sell machines on the show floor, it’s just a way of pushing the customer towards taking a decision, to get the pool of leads for your pipeline back home and meet new people. That’s why we’re here. The show has a value, it’s important you continue to have a presence, because out of sight out of mind. I think there’s two trends here – one is flexo, is now becoming mainstream in India, it’s no more just the letter presses we are seeing, manufacture is reaching a level of competence, you start seeing international manufacturers like for example Nilpeter building machines here for this market. Technology wise, this market is coming up, the quality makes clear that digital is taking a bigger role. The show, the market is really going into flexo and digital on a different scale.”

Vijay Kamat, product manager, Industrial Printing Konica Minolta India: “It is excellent for us, we were there the first time 2 years back in 2016, it is our second Labelexpo. This is a new entry of Konica Minolta into the labels segment; for the digital label converters, from the digital label perspective we are very new. The response we are getting is excellent, it’s a really good platform for us to showcase new technology; we are introducing a new machine, Accurio L190. The constant results that we are getting from the market is really encouraging. The response we have received at the show is very, very good. We are getting a lot of enquiries, in fact. The encouragement is very, very good. Labelexpo is very professionally managed, and visitors who are coming to the show are very serious customers, serious enquiries are coming. We are quite excited about this exhibition.”

Michael Panzeri, VP, DPR Pro: “I can only be one hundred percent agreed with Vijay because since we have been working together, we have had the same feeling about this exhibition, even if it is the first time for us attending the show. We are feeling a lot of interest in the buyer market in this new technology, digital solution, and now we will do our best to support all these enquiries with our support and knowledge on this new technology approaching the market.”

TP Jain, managing director, Monotech Systems Ltd: “We had a good footfall, we had some business also. All is very impressive…[since the 2016 show] we have seen growth in the floorspace so it is encouraging, and at the same time, as the label business is growing, there’s a positive interest among the prospective customers, and new technologies and products. I would say that people should embrace new technologies, because that’s where lies the opportunities.”

Hersh Lulla, marketing manager, FPO & PSD, Kodak: “It’s a good healthy mix of label manufacturers, Indian customers, Indian manufacturers, all of them at the show, not just selling machines but also selling solutions and services. I think from a show perspective it’s a really good mix. And then the audience is absolutely relevant. Kodak is very uniquely positioned at the show because we had four of our customers participating at the show, a rare thing. Day 1 was just bang, bang, bang, meetings lined up, customers coming down practically unexpectedly, a healthy mix of our existing customers came down, discussed their next steps abroad, and there are new prospects that also came down, to see how they can diversify. Being here in the show you have the opportunities to interact with the right people who can tell you about these right technologies, and in India the adoption of new technology is on the uptake.”

John Winderam, general manager, South East Asia and South Asia, Esko [on the Brand Innovation Day]: “We’re in an economy that’s booming, in a market that is booming, and I think this is a great opportunity for us to showcase new products and network with the key people in the industry. The people that we have seen on our booth have good people. It’s not just casual people, it’s nice that it’s focused on labels. What I’ve seen is that many Indian customers are prepared to be the first in the world if it’s the right thing for them to do. They take a long time, and spend, go into a lot of detail before they make an investment, but then they are prepared to invest. But I see that as being very good for the marketplace, and it’s part of the reason the market is growing as well.”

Darren Pickford, sales and marketing director, Edale: “It has been an extremely busy four days and we have received a fantastic response in regards to our latest machinery range, enquiries are up and I am confident we have made some future partnerships.”

Arun Kumar Venkataraman, area sales manager, Recyl Printronics: “We’ve had some down time, we’ve had lots of customers at certain times. It’s been fantastic. It’s been the right size, just enough to see everything. These are the kind of shows where we try to build relationships with other European players, not just the Indian players. And there are loads of Indian OEMs now, which is fantastic. This show has given me a lot of opportunity to move around and meet Chinese, Indians, Koreans, all sorts of nationalities, and build those relationships.”

Prasenjit Das, sales leader - South Asia, DuPont Advanced Printing: “Labelexpo India was a significant show for DuPont as we were able to successfully demonstrate our Cyrel®FAST Digital technology solutions and live prepress workflow to target audience.”

Jackey Mai, general manager, Zhongshan Suncrown Adhesive Products Sales Co. Ltd: “It was such a valuable experience to be given the sheer opportunity to participate in the foreign trade show held by Labelexpo. We are more than delighted to meet so many customers who showed interest in our products. No wonder it was a wise decision to participate as it helped to expand our trade business globally.”

Abhay Datta, managing director, U.V. Graphic: “Labelexpo India 2018 far exceeded our expectations, we signed 3 orders at the show and 2 orders immediately preceding the show for our UltraFlex UFO Flexo Presses. We also sold 7 Ultraflex Plate mounters within the 4 days and several more are being discussed. The visitors at the show were very focused and we had a great footfall. It was a great opportunity to show our Combo Hybrid UV LED System which was much appreciated. Supported by Kurz, UEI Falcon Tech, Flint, Manish Packaging, AVT, Schmid Rhyner and UFlex, the Ultraflex was a rock star at the show.”

Helmut Junginer, director, international sales, RUCO Inks: “Many thanks to the Labelexpo 2018 organizers for conducting the show in a systematised, organized and a well-coordinated manner for both exhibitors and visitors. The Indian market is getting matured for the luxury printing of labels and laminates.”

Harveer Sahni, chairman, Weldon Celloplast Ltd: “This was by far the best Labelexpo India! Though it was not crowded, yet it was busy, clearly indicating the quality of visitors that came and kept the exhibitors engrossed, delivering satisfaction. Crowds are just a visible indicator of success, but visitor quality is what makes the event and what is takes to look forward to the next edition of the show."

First time exhibitors

Sara Liu, regional marketing communications manager for GIA Asia, Bostik: “The show ran very well. And most customers are our targeted group. Great show.”  

Makoto Nagata, photoproducts marketing and sales, Asahi Photoproducts: “With [Labelexpo] Chicago, Southeast Asia and this show, India is the best for us at the moment.”

Sunil Kokane, product manager, Technova [distributor for Asahi Photoproducts in India]: “Footfall is good, booth [is] fully busy, fully occupied.”


Chakravarthi AVPS, global ambassador, World Packaging Organisation [keynote speaker at the Brand Innovation Day]: “I congratulate the management of Labelexpo India and the conference directors responsible for this Brand Innovation Day. I think they made a great show, bringing together the brand owners and the other stakeholders in a common platform to discuss what’s happening around the label world and packaging world, and what is required for the future of the packaging market. I think it’s one of the best platforms ever. I’m glad that I made the inaugural address.”

Anil Kumar Khashampure, general manager, Sai Advertising: "It’s good because I am looking for screen printing and labels machines. It’s good, it’s like new technology, new products."

Vivek Badjatya, search and planning head, Orient Pack n Print: "We manufacture leaflets, pharma leaflets and all sorts of inserts, we are looking to get into label industry now, so we have been discussing for quite some time with Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Gallus. We are looking for all the accessories basically. Just trying to get to know better accessories required to cater the label market, what kind of machines are available. It’s the small parts required to run a label unit successfully. Exhibitors are good, this time we were actually looking to buy products, not the main press."



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