Tresu to showcase ancillary equipment

At Labelexpo India 2016, Tresu Group (stall H1) will showcase ancillary equipment, including supply systems and chamber doctor blades for controlling and automating ink coating supply in narrow and mid web flexo printing presses.

Exhibited chambered doctor blade systems include the FlexiPrint IMW E-Line for widths up to 1800mm (70.8in) and speeds up to 500m/min (1640ft/min); and the closed-cassette FlexiPrint Reservoir, which needs no pump and operates at press speeds of up to 300m/min (984ft/min).

Tresu’s chamber doctor blades features the company’s patented seal system. They prevent leakage and air contamination. When doctor blades need replacing, Tresu’s patented clamping systems enable quick changeovers.

Tresu’s lightweight carbon fibre chamber doctor blades up to 6000mm (236in) width feature a top-coated ink-repellent surface, offering protection against detergents and adhesives with pH values of 9.0 and above, and easy cleaning. Curved inner surfaces maximize volume and facilitate controlled discharge. 

Tresu’s flexo ancillary equipment provides enclosed, automatically controlled ink circulation. The F10 iCon ink supply system regulates ink flow, pressure and viscosity, ensuring accurate ink density on the printed substrate, without air contamination. This system also provides thorough automatic cleaning, achieving a complete ink change cycle in five to ten minutes.

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