IST Metz to launch air-cooled MBS

UV system manufacturer IST Metz (stall K25) will present the air-cooled MBS range to the Indian market at Labelexpo India 2016.

MBS is said to be the first system worldwide suitable for the alternating operation with both UV lamps and air-cooled UV LEDs. The concept of Lampcure and LEDcure systems from IST Metz allows users to interchange between both UV technologies at any time. To do this, the outer housing remains where it is in the machine, while the Lampcure unit is replaced with a LEDcure system that has been designed as a cassette unit. Contact to the supply connections is made automatically.

Both power supply and air-cooling don’t require additional changes on the printing press when switching between technologies. MBS UV systems are fitted with ELC-X type electronic power supply devices as standard. They can be used to continuously regulate the dimming range of the UV lamp. Both UV lamps and MBS type UV LED units can be operated interchangeably with the same ELC.

The MBS Lampcure from IST Metz is equipped with URS reflectors. The cold mirror reflectors are made up of more than 60 different metal oxide layers and boast an extremely long service life and optimum heat management.

The MBS LEDcure is ready to use immediately after switching on. There is no warm-up or cooling times. The pure, cold UV light of the LEDs gives off little heat to the substrate. Individual modules can be replaced, if required.

IST Metz is represented by Royal Coat in India. Other principal companies represented by Royal Coat include Prati, Zecher, KissCut, Polywest Sleeve System, Registar video plate mounter, PC industries defect detection system, Wilson Manufacturing and Rotometal for rotary tooling.

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